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Join Heavy Duty's Affiliate Partnership and let’s work together to double your revenue with each referral, every month.


We appreciate that as an industry pro, many of your clients come to you for a trusted contractor to work with. We also appreciate that the typical reward for referring business isn’t much to work with, making it hard to keep it top of mind. Well, it’s time to change that setup. Joining our program guarantees you, your client and Heavy Duty win together. It’s about time that good karma starts paying off!



Our projects range in scope of work and size. With the $150,000 budget as our typical starting ground, we focus on the Million Dollar(s) custom home renovations and builds where real business growth can happen. The cool thing is there’s really no limit when it comes to the top end of our high net worth clients. Why does all this matter? The larger the project, the larger your payout!


Our platform allows you to easily send referrals, monitor progress, and track your deals as they move along the customer journey, see which referrals have been successful, and ultimately - how much money you’ve earned.



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We are the HEAVIEST high-end custom home builder. If you have a custom project or renovation in mind, our team is here to make that a reality. Expanding out of Toronto, Canada, and into the bright, beautiful city of Miami, Florida, our team is comprised of dedicated, talented professionals.

We take your home from what everyone else has and give it "The Heavy Duty Treatment" until it's what you've always pictured enjoying.

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We’ve designed our Affiliate program with the spirit of partnership at its core. By accepting only 10 professionals in each city, we’re able to reciprocate in the referral process any time our clients are looking for expert advice.

With each client you refer, you receive up to 3% of the project value. Remember, there’s really no limit when it comes to the top end of our high-net-worth clients. The larger the project, the larger your payout!


It’s clear, Heavy Duty Homes specializes in custom home renovations and new builds. But did you know we’ve expanded our portfolio to the commercial industry?

We take the same Heavy Duty approach to our commercial builds. A few recent builds have been Sughetto's la pizza shoppe, a fitness center, a pharmacy, and Tubbies Big Breakfast. 

Custom Project Management & Build

We bring together specialized trades outside and inside, top to bottom, to collaboratively build your ideal project with a focus on results that are time efficient and cost-effective.

Increase in Property Value

Real estate has always been one of the most powerful and popular tools to increase personal and generational wealth. Miami's real estate scene is second to none and those standards must be maintained and achieved through quality work, done right the first time.

Design Team

It's all in the details. With value and lifestyle in mind, we leverage the unique design skillset of our partners and in-house design team to help bring to life our client's dream projects while educating them on the elements that add value.

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  • Is there a membership fee to become an affiliate?
    Nope! Signing up and participating as a Heavy Duty Affiliate is completely free. Plus, there are no minimum sales required to earn a commission.
  • Is this partnership right for me?
    Our Affiliate Partnership is built for Realtors, Architects, and Interior Designers. It is exclusive to 10 professionals in each industry, in each area. Ex. If you're a realtor in the Vaughan area, we are accepting only 10 realtors in this area. The area is still open to 10 architects, and 10 interior designers. This exclusivity allows us to manage resources and ensure we reciprocate the offer to refer any of our clients that are looking for a professional in your industry.
  • How/When do I get paid?
    The Heavy Duty Affiliate Partnership is built with a tiered model. Based on the number of successful referrals received per month, you’ll move up to the next bonus tier. Number of Successful Referrals per Month: i. 1st successful referral - 1%* ii. 2nd successful referral - 2%* iii. 3rd successful referral and more - 3%* b. What is a Successful Referral? *Once a referral signs a service agreement for a project, and the first payment or deposit is received. Commissions are calculated at the end of each month, and you’ll receive your bonus within 15days.
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